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callsign age comment
OH5KUY 3h44m.DsVP
OH2RDS 30sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Sipoo
OH6JAT 1m18sJorak digi, KP21OW, OHC616
OH6AI 16sClub Station of Kokkola
OH3HWX-9 47d 6h33m
OH6GKW 4m12s
OH3RBE-2 50sPHG25626/Wn OH3NE Sarkola
OH6JAT-9 319d 23h57m
OH5KUY-4 17d 22h39mEnonkoski (kp42je) {UIV32N}
OH3RUX 15m9sRD985 434.9000/432.9000 CC1
OH3HOO 12m25s
OH7BD 26m54s
OH8MXJ 11d 20h44mPekka, Nivala {UIV32N}
OH3RBE-1 4d 3h9mTx-igate Tampere Pyynikki
OH2EKK-9 3h6mYVV-738
OH7RDO 5m24s
OH7RDR 8m25sRaakkyla
OH1MN-9 89d 8h56mMarkus QRV 145.500 & rptrs
OH1AU 57m49sKP10CM VUSHF Station, contact OH1MN
OH1AA 59m51sTurku club QTH, Thursdays 18:00, see
OH1MN 7m59sMarkus Home QTH.. pse visit if driveby!
OH3GDO-9 2d 7h26mQTP
OH8MTM-6 21h35mRisto,Tikkakoski {UIV32N}
OH8JYO-1 72d 47m
OH8JYO 150d 6h13mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH2NJR 10m21sRX igate and WX station
OH2MUI 14m2sRX igate and WX station
OH8MTM-9 23h25m..
OH1JF 50m41sTurku
OH8MTM 1d 21h23mRisto, Sievi {UIV32N}
OH3NE 10m2s145.750MHz T123 -060 Club mtgs Mo/Th 1700
OH5GWF 6m28siGate Kuusankoski
OH4JOU 3d 12h45m145.625MHz op. Heikki
OH1AD 58m49sSalo club QTH
OH2GAX-9 2h38mOp Otso
OH6RUC 3m58sTn,Wn Kaustinen OH6RUC Digi+TX-iGate
OH0RUZ 52s
OH1LQP 48m39sLasse
OH5GWF-9 2d 1h36m433.500MHz QRV
OH2TIMO 327d 1mopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH1GJQ 52m43sSummer cottage
OH7EG-9 1h5mTinyTrak3
OH5GWF-1 1m28s/ WX Kouvola, Pilkanmaa. WS2300
OH3RBE-3 5m27sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Palkane
OH3RBE-5 3m24sR,Wn,Tn OH3NE Orivesi
OH2NJR-10 106d 9h47m145.600MHz
OH6R 9m1sClub station, OH3MEP for details
OH1CO 56m47s
OH3MEP 11m3sPete ja Ulla QTH
OH1RAU 46m37soutputs 145.775, CTCSS 103.5, contact OH1CO
OH1FAQ 55m47s
OH1GUN 53m44s
OH5AG 25m31sKouvolan radiokerho ry,
OH1LEG 49m40s
OH0RAA 2m55s145.675MHz, contact Leif OH0KCE
OH0RUA 1m53s434.700MHz, contact Roland OH0AZX
OH1KAO 51m42s
OH1NR 47m38sREXI
OH1FBA-1 54m46s
OH8MTM-1 16m24sRX igate
OH2RDU 10m23sR,Wn,Tn Rajamaki
OH6AA-3 11m3sVaskiluoto
OH8RDW 14d 3h55mRahja
OH3HPV 3d 51mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4625/434.4625 CC15
OH1TT 44m35sJuha's QTH
OH6GAP 43d 4h31m
OH5AD 18m32sAPRX I-Gate Hamina 144.800MHz OMNI 52m ASL
OH4RDC 15m55sWn,Tn,R,MIKKELI,Muinola
OH6MVG-9 269d 1h38m14.5V
OH7EG-8 3h26m14.2V 48Cmokki
OH7LZB-10 278d 2h20m28C
OH6LSL-8 7d 23h21m
OH5RBG 6m14s144.800MHz OH5AG iGate Vuohivuori
OH6LRR-9 1d 3h20mAPRS Voyager U=14.0V.
OH2BP-2 13m17sWIDE UIDIGI Banana Port, Talassaari 2
OH2KO 104d 9h19m
OH6AI-1 4m23sClub station of Kokkola
OH6RDK 4m24sPHG2571 R,Wn,Tn Hankasalmi OH6AD
OH1XT-9 9d 5h52m
OH3GLY-9 4m36sKaitsu
OH7RDA 9mSiilinjarvi
OH6KSX-9 31d 23h26m13.0V
OH3MBC-9 2d 2h12mKimmo at mobile
OH2BQP-1 186d 9h6m
OH3RDA-3 11m48sR,Wn,Tn Hml
OH3KAV-9 2h5mTinyTrak3
OH3KLJ 4m18sop. Mika OH3KLJ / KP21PH
OH1KH 52sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC12
OH2EKK-8 221d 3h20mM/S ANNI/Eki/145500/+Rep
OH1KH-8 2d 9h3mTrackuino:AprsTx 11V
OH7RDT 15m45s1 Tohmajarvi
OH2LAK 122d 21h55mopenSPOT3 434.4875/434.4875 CC0
OH9MBS 14sTimpan testi {UIV32N}
OH5AB-A 1m1s
OH6TJ-9 17d 8h28m12.7V
OH2FPR-9 58d 2h32m
OH1KH-2 2m11s
OH6NMY 1m11seCumulusFO
OH2KQF-9 9h2m145.650MHz VFO A, Erkki HYO-749
OH6RAH 5m4sPGH26304 R,Wn,Tn Joupiska
OH3SW-9 112d 1h36m145.725MHz täällä sitä men
OH8TA 2m26sClub meetings Tue 18 EET->
OH2BRN-9 22m16s
OH6RDC 8m16sPetomaki
OH7RDL 51m43sLieksa
OH2FTJ-9 2h53m434.900MHz VFO A, Jouni CKV-894
OH4O 18d 11h39mPuulan Radio Club ry
OH5XB-9 3h21mKari
OH4KA-2 14m25s10.0V 45C X1
OH3RUD 8m4sR,W,T,Wn,Tn Vesijako
OH7ER-9 2h45m
OH5XB-7 286d 6h14mKari
OH3TK-9 70d 8h34m
OH8RDT 6mRX-iGate + digi
OH9RDD 5d 17h49m"R,Wn,Tn Levitunturi"
OH6AA-1 169d 7h46mRx-only iGate
OH5FVY-9 92d 2h33m145.500MHz QSY!
OH5FVY 10m31sOH5FVY RX-Only iGate
OH3FZQ 311d 1h45meCumulusWMR100
OH3FWF-9 19d 2h7m
OH6RAE 21h36mViitasaari 145.775MHz -0.6
OH8KA-5 1d 21h50mAntti
OH2MRS 39d 8h26m
OH2FXD-9 1d 2h4m
OH6MHZ-2 9m33s2 /Henkan WH1080
OH5XB 5m41sFT-23R+AV1482-ASL92m
OH2MDN-9 1d 6h4m145.500MHz FTM-350AE
OH3LJU-9 68d 7h36mOH3LJU with XC60
OH3KLJ-4 5m51sFoxView op. Mika KP21PH
OH2NIN 11d 8mFinally, our first sailing to the Club harbour. Sunny day +13 C.
OH7AZC 14m55sopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH1KH-4 5d 3h4mTrackuino:E-bike 24V 02A 1.0Ah
OH6MCZ 1d 23h47mHome sweet home
OH4RDS 41sR,Wn,Tn Savonlinna
OH9RDC 5d 17h49mYLLÄS
OH8RAC 15m4sM27JNR9JA7AN 145.7250/145.1250 CC1
OH6DL 6d 21h20mG/D* R-I-R HX 10147.3kHz WIDE1-1, WLNK-1
OH3GPD-9 59d 10h15m
OH2KHZ-5 323d
OH6MQM-9 289d 8h48meCumulusFO
OH3LJU-10 351d 7h35m
OH5GWF-5 165d 22h42mDMR TG244
OH4KA-4 12m12sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate
OH2AUN-5 6d 10h1m13.0V 20C
OH1EDK-5 3d 6h25m73
OH6DL-9 310d,WLNK-1
OH2FXD-7 14d 2h48m
OH3KLJ-1 3m4sHaukkatie 36
OH2KQF-1 323d 1h59mAlavus, Toysa, 26.9V, 24.5*C, 45%
OH2KQF 1d 3h19mAlavus, keskusta
OH6GJA 47d 21h54m(Time 0:00:00)!INSERVICE!OH6GJA
OH6DL-10 6d 7h14mG/D* R-I-R HX 10147.3kHz WIDE1-1, WLNK-1
OH3KLJ-3 5m54sFoxView
OH7FES-1 2m46s144.800 RX Igate {UIV32N}
OH4KA-7 15m26sRaspberry pi
OH7EKL-1 3h39mMartonvaara
OH2LAK-7 13d 18h59mDMR OH2LAK P1
OH1HIH-9 1d
OH6KNW-9 5h59m[scanning]73 de Teemu
OH6HGN-1 51d 1h59mRX Igate Pirttinen {UIV32N}
OH2LAK-1 5m47sWeather data from WeeWx and Vaisala WXT510
OH4JP-5 17d 5h29m
OH6ELF 12m1siGate / Tontun QTH
OH5AA 4m9sKuukauden ensimmainen tiistai 18-20
OH2ELR-7 47d 6h
OH2FTB-2 7d 12h51mRaspberry Pi iGate
OH5GWF-8 45d 22h42m12.7V 05C HDOP01.0 SATS07
OH2HCY-3 50sInkoo, Orslandet, Bjurs
OH6ELN-9 239d 12h11mQRV on 145.750
OH6RDT 284d 16h9mParra
OH4JPS-2 4m18sRaspberry pi / tnc-X Rx-only igate, Jari OH4JL Mia OH4HNT
OH2FZV 7m38s434.700MHz Mika QTH / 3.4&10&24GHz 1024 QAM TEST
OH3ERV-9 3h56m145.750MHzQRV OH3RNE/DMR TG244/145.500
OH5GWF-7 47d 23h45mJARI
OH2GMJ-10 4m55s9.7V
OH2BSC-8 6d 2h17m
OH5KZ-5 1d 22h30m
OH2GMJ-9 15d 2h54m
OH5RAB 18m26s145.775MHz 1750 -060 R40k
OH5RUB 9m51s434.775MHz 1750 -200 R50k
OH6XB-5 11d 8h
OH2BCE 40m31sop:Teemu
OH3KLJ-8 summer QTH
OH8EPJ-5 1h44m
OH1GRV 271d 11h41m
OH5ESU-9 11d 7h43m145.500MHz/TOMMI
OH5RDF 26m44sOH5AB Clubstation iGate MTGMon18
OH6KYF-1 10d 2h27m
OH6TN 158d 4h41m
OH6NEQ-8 329d 19h9mm/s Viivi, Tristan 345FB, MMSI:230054910 3.65V 22.3C TF
OH5RUD 15m7sM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5375/432.5375 CC1
OH0KCE 2h37mOpen GD-77 433.3750/433.3750 CC1
OH6GFR-7 40d 21h50m
OH9SM 20d 11h45m
OH2EGI-15 26d 10h10mVW Transporter U=11.8V, T=11.0C.
OH2NJR-9 1d 7h5mJoni Skoda Karoq
OH6KW-1 351d 23h56mMunsala I-gate - RasPi + DireWolf + Baofeng
OH2EGI-2 33sWX3in1 weather
OH2EWK-15 76d 14h32meCumulusDsVP
OH8EPJ 23h53mArssi Sievi {UIV32N}
OH2FTJ 8m10sPorvoo, Lehtimaki
OH2HCY-8 2h36m434.900MHz VFO A, Uffe VYH-758
OH7FES-2 233d 11h46mopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC13
OH2FOM-9 2h38mlocal repeaters, 145.500
OH3GEF 2m56sDireWolf 1.6
OH8MTM-5 316d 4h36m
OH2FI-8 275d 14h33mXASTIR-raspi-paatti
OH5XA-9 29m32s145.625MHz FTM-400 Wirex-X C4FM and 145.500.73
OH5GDN-5 325d 2m145.650MHz
OH2EKO-5 180d 8h38m
OH5ELO-9 116d 11h145.525MHz
OH7RAC-13 13m3s14.0V 21C- TUVI-toistimen jannitevahti - Akut OK -
OH7RAC-12 73d 8h53m12.1V 17C- Alijannite - Tarkista akut ja lataus! -
OH5GDN-9 2d 3h6m
OH6KYF-9 252d 1h41m
OH2OP-10 75d 1h23m
OH2OP-5 37d 3h39m
OH8STN 1d 5h39mheading home:(
OH6EYM-7 37d 23h24mAPRSdroid-Mobilinkd-Baofen
OH5EWQ-9 24d 33m145.500 NIKSU
OH1MYG 26m56sPreiviiki
OH2OP 159d 8h4midle
OH1JCS 6h17mzz iGate | DireWolf 1.4 on RPi+RTL-SDR
OH6XG 144d
OH5GDN-1 19h56mMMDVM DVMega 434.4750/434.4750 CC6
OH2ELR-12 121d 23h24mAP510 3.79V 09.3C TF_X
OH1RT-9 12d 7h26m145500/toistimet "73
OH7VL-3 214d 7h35m12.4V 68C _Reppu_Dataradio_prof1
OH2EKK-2 21d 3h45mTYOLEIRI
OH6J 255d 23h46mMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4500/434.4500 CC1
OH2EXE-7 22d 1h51mC4FM 145.375, 434.400 MHz, FM 145.500, 433.500 MHz
OH7JG 5d 20h44mMMDVM MMDVM HS Dual Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC11
OH5KUY-7 9d 2h41m
OH5TL-9 3h30m145.775MHz Timo
OH5ESU-7 29d 22h54mDMR
OH6GYZ 353d 8h47mRX iGate
OH1EB 14m57sopenSPOT 434.4750/434.4750 CC1
OH3FSR-5 44d 37m
OH6MRV-14 12m34s13.6VSTOP
OH3NGT 74d 6h55mNoxioinen Bay Area Satellite Group
OH6EYM 42m33sOH6EYM Hamshack iGate Rpi4
OH1IU-5 274d 3h24m
OH6DL-11 249d 5h16mG/D* R-I-R HX 3.610 kHz WIDE1-1
OH6GJD-8 53d 6h4m
OH2EXU 284d 8h11ml?hes kotona
OH4MVH-9 3h58m
OH5RUG 15m6sM27QPR9JA7AN 434.5875/432.5875 CC1
OH5RAC 25m32s145.700MHz, -0.600, 1750, Kouvola
OH1CO-2 14d 11h10mAPRS-IS for Win32
OH7BD-8 237d 3h45m
OH3RBE-6 7m4sPHG2500/Wn,Tn OH3NE Teiharju
OH5RUG-1 25m33s434.58750MHz, -2.0MHz, DMR Kouvola
OH2BSI-5 9d 22h41m11.6V 25C
OH3RBE-R3 4d 3h7mRx-igate Tampere Tesoma
OH2FXD-10 1m39sOhcejohka Ailigas duottar
OH0RUB 211d 5h7mKontakt Leif OH0KCE 434.5500/432.5500 CC1
OH2EVF 7d 20h52m
OH6MIH-9 269d 22h48mJORMA_^:HI
OH7FES 14m55sQRV TG 2447 Lieksa DMR OpenSpot 434.4625/434.4625 CC13
OH3NZW-5 281d 5h41m145.425MHz https://aprsdro
OH7FES-9 26d 9h16m
OH5FQT 51seCumulusWMR200
OH2LFM 8d 9h45mKauto
OH3LMG 170d 2h18mPC-7440R8ZMBFD {UIV32N}
OH1LA 15m2sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH5KZ 14m55sopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC11
OH6FBB 92d 4h44m
OH3LJU 247d 10h46mopenSPOT 434.4250/434.4250 CC1
OH1NTI 7h46mopenSPOT 434.4875/434.4875 CC1
OH6HLH 10d 24mopenSPOT 434.4750/434.4750 CC1
OH2EGI-1 4m28sVantaa, Tikkurila. TRX 13.5V, 33.1C/91.5F
OH5FWB 80d 22h49mSharkRF openSPOT2
OH2FH 33d 41mvia APRS TX for iOS
OH2EUQ-1 14m46sopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC11
OH1KH-1 14m51sMMDVM MMDVM HS Hat 434.4750/434.4750 CC12
OH2FPK 14m58sopenSPOT 434.4750/434.4750 CC13
OH5GDN-A 21s
OH2BBT-7 111d 11h48mPicoAPRS by DB1NTO
OH2BXG-10 5d 33m
OH6KYK 16d 2h59mSharkRF openSPOT2
OH1FOL-5 89d 6h29m
OH5XB-5 56d 4h30m145.500MHz 73, Kari
OH2BSC 272d 21h5m
OH3EIT-9 4d 4h28mX1C2 4.6V S05 51X1C II + baofeng uv5r
OH2FRM 11m48sTom's home QTH
OH2FRM/1 11m46sTom's cottage QTH
OH2FRM/6 11m44sTom's cottage QTH
OH1KK 26d 20h10mopenSPOT 434.4625/434.4625 CC1
OH6PV-9 15m33s
OH6PV-7 31d 1h23m
OH1MKV-10 4m51sDireWolf 1.6
OH HAPPY DAY 288d 21h16m
OH LA LA ! 225d 8hCLASS B
OH S2 11m31s
OH WHAT FUN 207d 3h19m
OH-BOY 332d 7h57m
OHA2079 3d 22h33mCLASS B
OHAMI 31d 18h51m>JP TXD OFF (ETA Nov26 22:00)
OHANA 12m18s
OHANA 276d 44m
OHANA 6d 9h35mDEGGENDORF (ETA May22 12:00)
OHANA 10d 1h47m
OHANA 1d 17h7m
OHANA 2d 2h43m
OHANA 2h2mNAPOLI (ETA May28 17:33)
OHANA 257d 3h56m
OHANA 164d 21h11m
OHANA 2d 8h57m
OHANA 339d 3h24m
OHANA 340d 2h45m
OHANA 210d 10h37m
OHANA 27d 4h23m
OHANA 26d 23h8m
OHANA 247d 21h26m
OHANA 348d 8h2m
OHANA 340d 14h12m
OHANA 261d 1h33m
OHANA 330d 8h43mCLASS B
OHANA 301d 22h52m
OHANA 202d 20h21m
OHANA 3d 11h40m
OHANA 183d 22h58m
OHANA 272d 5h21m
OHANA 2d 2h15m
OHANA 256d 23h3mCLASS B
OHANA 213d 17h48m
OHANA 23h54m
OHANA 3d 3h1m
OHANA 20d 18h28m
OHANA 148d 19h50m
OHANA 139d 1h14mB 2 A (ETA ***00 00:00)
OHANA 1d 5h35m
OHANA 35d 3h6m
OHANA 2d 6h55m
OHANA 3d 2h57m
OHANA 7d 20h4m
OHANA II 174d 1h27mB 2 A (ETA ***00 00:00)
OHANA MAGIC 299d 14h13m
OHANA-X 332d 6h46m
OHANA@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 111d 20h56m
OHANA@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 161d 9h36m
OHANI SKY 304d 23h5m
OHF 32 61d 10h48mDUISBURG
OHF=277 51sKREFELD _
OHGI MARU 36d 13h5mJP YOK (ETA Apr28 02:30)
OHI MARU 285d 18h8m>JP TYO (ETA Oct29 04:00)
OHIO 3d 19h36mPORT ANGELES (ETA May19 15:00)
OHIO 11d 15h50mSARNIA (ETA ***00 04:30)
OHIO 23d 1h53m(ETA ***00 24:60)
OHM 276d 9h57m
OHMLESS 58d 15h13m
OHNAMI 337d 16h8m> (ETA Jan01 00:00)
OHNESORG 288d 4h3m
OHRE 4d 4h6mHAMBURG BILLE (ETA 08040800)
OHRYU MARU 14h58m>JP FKY EXPORTS (ETA May30 14:00)
OHSHU MARU 89d 17h34mJP YOK (ETA Mar16 12:30)
OHSUMI 1d 16h31m(ETA Jan01 00:00)
OHTORI 285d 20h4mJP CHB XX (ETA ***00 24:60)
OHTORI 5d 1h27mJP MIZ (ETA Dec11 09:45)
OHYAMA MARU 138d 6h20mTYO (ETA ***00 24:60)
OH10D-4 90d for iOS
OH1CMV-10 1d 54mKimmo's man cave
OH1CMV-2 280d 7h42mQTH of Kimmo
OH1CMV-3 1d 3h2mQTH of Kimmo
OH1CMV-4 280d 8h27mComputer of Kimmo
OH1CT-9 4d 33mMax
OH1LA 22d 3h34m
oh1nhw-i 25d iOS
OH1PK-i 129d iOS
OH1RT 117d 22m
OH1UK 2d 20h55m
OH2BFF-i 235d iOS
OH2BIX-8 5d 5h39m/P
OH2BLS-1 248d 18h30mVoice OH DMR
OH2BLS-i 248d iOS
OH2BUF 184d 9h
oh2bxg 19d 42m
OH2BXN-i 230d 48m
OH2CBE 139d 5h44m
OH2CBE 139d 5h41m
OH2CBE 139d 5h21m
OH2CBE 139d 5h2m
OH2CBE 139d 5h2m
OH2CBE 139d 5h1m
OH2CBE 139d 5h
OH2CBE 139d 5h
OH2CBE 139d 4h59m
OH2CBE 139d 4h58m
OH2CBE 139d 4h56m
OH2CBE 139d 4h54m
OH2CBE 139d 4h54m
OH2CBE 139d 4h53m
OH2CBE 139d 4h51m
OH2CBE 139d 4h51m
OH2CBE 139d 4h48m
OH2CBE 139d 4h46m
OH2CBE 139d 4h45m
OH2CBE 139d 4h44m
OH2CBE 139d 4h42m
OH2CBE 139d 4h40m
OH2CBE 139d 4h39m
OH2CBE 139d 4h37m
OH2CBE 139d 4h35m
OH2CBE 139d 4h34m
OH2CBE 139d 3h26m
OH2CEM 323d 3h41m
OH2CIS-i 324d iOS
OH2CND 332d 4h48m
OH2CSL-ios 131d
OH2EKI 137d 6h11m
OH2EVF 9d 10h18m
OH2FDL-i 24d iOS
OH2FPR-10 259d iOS
oh2fxt 232d 23h53m
OH2HND 339d 23h37m
OH2HQE-4 297d 4h49mTeme OH7T/P
OH2HQE-i 297d iOS
OH2HXP 131d 22h47m
OH2JIU-i13p 292d for iOS
OH2JIU-i8 292d for iOS
OH2KZE 280d 23h6m
OH2KZE 280d 23h5m
OH2LAK-5 1d for iOS
OH2ZUU 300d 8h49m
OH3CBT 205d 1h2m
OH3CBT-i 193d 21h13mMarko QTH
OH3CNU 333d 10h45m
OH3ENB 114d 7h49m
OH3ERV-5 16d for iOS
OH3ERV-9 9d for iOS
OH3FP 64d 7h39m
OH3KA-i 11d iOS
oh3kav-5 34d 30mOH3KAV dismounted
OH3UDT 261d 5h14m
OH3WK 66d 10h5m
OH4CEN-i 85d iOS
oh4ka-i 25d
oh4mcv 257d 5h12m
oh4mcv 257d 5h12m
oh4mcv 257d 5h12m
oh4mcv 257d 5h12m
OH4MCV-6 53d for iOS
oh4mcv-i 257d iOS
OH4Mikko 94d 10h15m
OH4YT 110d 20h24m
oh5gwf 114d 8h25m
OH5KUY 310d 8h39m
OH5LEP-9 7d 23h28mSRAL 101v leiri
oh5nsv 56d 7h41m
OH5TL 324d 9h56m
OH5TL 89d 22h9m
OH5WY-5 158d for iOS
OH5YR-i 329d iOS
OH6CKE 159d 22h12m
OH6CKE 159d 12h13m
OH6CKE 159d 12h13m
OH6CKE 150d 5h22m
OH6CMM-4 363d for iOS
OH6CMM-i 363d iOS
OH6EYM 273d 10h45m
OH6EYM 270d 4h57m
OH6EZZ 72d 1h9m
OH6GAP-5 2h42mHeikki
OH6GJD-i 190d iOS
OH6KNW-i iOS 73
oh6lrr 293d 7h55m
OH6NEQ-i 330d iOS
OH6NMY-i 206d iOS
OH6PRO 357d 5h39m
oh6pu-i 102d 2h45my zzzz. ’. äz.
OH6SPR 230d 18h40m
OH6VDA-i 291d iOS
OH7CBC 181d 4h9m
OH7JHF-5 11d 3h18mRS
OH7LZB-4 82d for iOS
OH7LZB-5 11d for iOS
oh7miro-4 8m46s
OH7TP-9 249d 1h21m
OH7UDH-i 4d iOS
oh7xu 295d 8h8m
oh7xu 227d 8h51m
OH8CLI-9 34d 7h7m
OH8HUB-1 39d 59mOHFF-0640
OH9FTW-i 98d 2h18mTechnical assistance
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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