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This page shows APRS bulletin and announcement messages from the last 24 hours.

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Bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 km from your location
callsign ID message age
N2NUO-15 BLN0 WxBot 1.22 US weather forecast via APRS message. 3h9m
N2NUO-15 BLN1 Send a message to N2NUO-15 for a weather forecast at your location. 3h9m
N2NUO-15 BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 3h9m
Bulletins (BLN0 - BLN9)
callsign ID message age
9Z4RG-6 BLN0 APRS IGate 144.390MHz SGate 145.825MHz 39s
CX2SA-AB BLN1 ((((((( CX2SA - Salto Uruguay ))))))) http://www.cx2sa.org 9m28s
CX2SA-AB BLN2 CX2SA-EM APRS Email - Example> your@maildomain Hello World! 9m26s
CX2SA-AB BLN3 Send message to CX2SA-WI like: F callsign to WHO-IS info 9m24s
CX2SA-AB BLN4 ((( CX2SA-S1 ))) iAPRS Network http://www.iaprs.net 9m22s
CX2SA-AB BLN5 DOWNLOAD latest iAPRS servers list at http://cx2sa.org/SERVERS.TXT 9m20s
DB2HTA BLN0 DB2HTA, Herby looking for Olivia mode QSO, db2hta@darc.de 6m10s
G8JBQ-3 BLN1 please report signal stength on any links from digi perrott1 31m46s
G8JBQ-3 BLN2 perrott aprs g8jbq8 sysop ray running on baofeng with tiny 2 tnc 144.8 1m45s
K7YVO-15 BLN0 K7YVO-10 Winlink RMS E-Mail Gateway 145.610 35m36s
KD5NJR-6 BLN1 https://www.winlink.org/APRSLink 7h32m
KD5NJR-6 BLN5 net@1300 sat 7h35m
LW1DSE BLN1 Radiostation partially powered from Sun energy (18 Cell's 10Wpk). 11h34m
PY5BK-10 BLN0 Ricardo Aurelio Seco - py5bk@qsl.net - (43) 9.9919-0404 5m
PY5BK-10 BLN1 Equipamentos e Projetos de APRS - http://www.py5bk.net/aprs 4m48s
SBAA BLN0 Conceicao do Araguaia Airport METAR SBAA 182000Z 09003KT CAVOK 37/11 Q1012 15h3m
SBAF BLN0 Campo Delio Jardim de Mattos Airport METAR SBAF 191100Z 00000KT CAVOK 19/18 Q1019 BR 3m56s
SBAN BLN0 Base Aerea Airport METAR SBAN 191100Z 06006KT CAVOK 17/07 Q1023 3m43s
SBAQ BLN0 Araraquara Airport METAR SBAQ 190200Z 12002KT CAVOK 21/13 Q1021 9h3m
SBAR BLN0 Santa Maria Airport METAR SBAR 191100Z 12011KT 9999 SCT021 26/21 Q1017 3m33s
SBAU BLN0 Aracatuba Airport METAR SBAU 190900Z 12008KT CAVOK 20/10 Q1017 2h3m
SBAX BLN0 Araxa Airport METAR SBAX 191100Z 16007KT CAVOK 16/09 Q1024 3m22s
SBBE BLN0 Val de Cans Julio Cezar Ribeiro International Airport METAR SBBE 191100Z 09007KT CAVOK 26/23 Q1012 3m12s
SBBG BLN0 Comandante Gustavo Kraemer Airport METAR SBBG 182000Z 05008KT CAVOK 24/19 Q1012 15h2m
SBBH BLN0 Pampulha - Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport METAR SBBH 191100Z 09006KT CAVOK 18/12 Q1024 3m6s
SBBI BLN0 Bacacheri Airport METAR SBBI 191100Z 17002KT CAVOK 13/11 Q1022 2m55s
SBBQ BLN0 Major Brigadeiro Doorgal Borges Airport METAR SBBQ 191100Z 20002KT CAVOK 11/10 Q1026 2m44s
SBBR BLN0 Presidente Juscelino Kubistschek International Airport METAR SBBR 191100Z 09004KT CAVOK 16/09 Q1023 2m34s
SBBU BLN0 Bauru Airport METAR SBBU 190900Z 35006KT 9000 NSC 20/14 Q1019 2h2m
SBBV BLN0 Atlas Brasil Cantanhede Airport METAR SBBV 191100Z 12006KT 5000 -RA SCT007 BKN040 FEW045TCU BKN080 23 /22 Q1014 RERA 2m24s
SBBW BLN0 Barra do Garcas Airport METAR SBBW 191100Z 09002KT CAVOK 18/15 Q1018 2m13s
SBCA BLN0 Cascavel Airport METAR SBCA 182300Z 04018KT CAVOK 21/13 Q1018 12h1m
SBCB BLN0 Cabo Frio Airport METAR SBCB 191100Z 06004KT CAVOK 23/17 Q1019 2m7s
SBCC BLN0 Cachimbo Airport METAR SBCC 191100Z 04004KT CAVOK 20/13 Q1016 1m56s
SBCF BLN0 Tancredo Neves International Airport METAR SBCF 191100Z 15002KT CAVOK 14/11 Q1024 1m45s
SBCG BLN0 Campo Grande Airport METAR SBCG 191100Z 01006KT CAVOK 20/12 Q1017 1m34s
SBCH BLN0 Chapeco Airport METAR SBCH 191100Z 03012KT CAVOK 19/11 Q1017 1m23s
SBCI BLN0 Brig. Lysias Augusto Rodrigues Airport METAR SBCI 191100Z 09002KT CAVOK 23/17 Q1015 1m13s
SBCJ BLN0 Carajas Airport METAR SBCJ 191100Z 05002KT CAVOK 23/17 Q1017 1m2s
SBCO BLN0 Canoas Airport METAR SBCO 191100Z 09003KT 5000 BR NSC 13/13 Q1014 51s
SBCP BLN0 Bartolomeu Lisandro Airport METAR SBCP 191100Z 04002KT CAVOK 22/20 Q1020 41s
SBCR BLN0 Corumba International Airport METAR SBCR 191100Z 08004KT CAVOK 24/18 Q1013 29s
SBCT BLN0 Afonso Pena Airport METAR SBCT 191100Z 00000KT CAVOK 11/10 Q1022 19s
SBCX BLN0 Campo dos Bugres Airport METAR SBCX 182300Z 33008KT CAVOK 18/12 Q1018 11h59m
SBCY BLN0 Marechal Rondon Airport METAR SBCY 191000Z 31004KT CAVOK 20/16 Q1014 1h
SBCZ BLN0 Cruzeiro do Sul Airport METAR SBCZ 191115Z 00000KT 0050 FG VV001 21/21 Q1013 0s
SBDN BLN0 Presidente Prudente Airport METAR SBDN 191000Z 07008KT CAVOK 18/10 Q1017 1h
SBEG BLN0 Eduardo Gomes International Airport METAR SBEG 191000Z 07006KT 9999 FEW015 BKN100 25/21 Q1012 59m50s
SBEK BLN0 Jacareacanga Airport METAR SBEK 182100Z 13003KT CAVOK 33/21 Q1011 13h59m
SBES BLN0 Sao Pedro da Aldeia Airport METAR SBES 191000Z 03004KT CAVOK 19/18 Q1018 59m39s
SBFI BLN0 Cataratas International Airport METAR SBFI 191000Z 11004KT CAVOK 16/13 Q1014 59m29s
SBFL BLN0 Hercilio Luz International Airport METAR SBFL 191000Z 34007KT 3000 BR BKN004 17/17 Q1015 59m18s
SBFN BLN0 Fernando de Noronha Airport METAR SBFN 190900Z 15013KT 9999 SCT021 25/21 Q1014 1h59m
SBFZ BLN0 Pinto Martins International Airport METAR SBFZ 191000Z 14011KT CAVOK 24/18 Q1014 59m1s
SBGL BLN0 Galeao - Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport METAR SBGL 191000Z 07002KT 9000 4400W NSC 18/18 Q1018 58m50s
SBGM BLN0 Guajara-Mirim Airport METAR SBGM 181800Z 01006KT 9999 BKN030 34/20 Q1013 16h58m
SBGO BLN0 Santa Genoveva Airport METAR SBGO 191000Z 14005KT CAVOK 15/10 Q1020 58m38s
SBGR BLN0 Guarulhos - Governador Andre Franco Montoro International Airport METAR SBGR 191000Z 07001KT 7000 NSC 12/12 Q1021 58m27s
SBGW BLN0 Guaratingueta Airport METAR SBGW 191000Z 01001KT CAVOK 10/09 Q1021 58m16s
SBHT BLN0 Altamira Airport METAR SBHT 191000Z 00000KT CAVOK 21/20 Q1013 58m6s
SBIC BLN0 Itacoatiara Airport METAR SBIC 182000Z 14006KT 9999 TS FEW013 FEW025CB BKN100 25/24 Q1011 14h56m
SBIH BLN0 Itaituba Airport METAR SBIH 182000Z /////KT 9999 SHRA FEW024 FEW025TCU 33/22 Q1010 14h55m
SBIL BLN0 Bahia - Jorge Amado Airport METAR SBIL 191000Z 27004KT 9999 SCT025 FEW035TCU SCT040 21/20 Q1019 57m55s
SBIP BLN0 Usiminas Airport METAR SBIP 191000Z 02002KT 9999 BKN025 21/18 Q1022 57m44s
SBIZ BLN0 Prefeito Renato Moreira Airport METAR SBIZ 191000Z 17003KT CAVOK 21/20 Q1012 57m34s
SBJP BLN0 Presidente Castro Pinto Airport METAR SBJP 191000Z 19006KT 9999 FEW030 21/20 Q1016 57m23s
SBJR BLN0 Jacarepagua - Roberto Marinho Airport METAR SBJR 191000Z 01005KT CAVOK 20/19 Q1018 57m13s
SBJU BLN0 Orlando Bezerra de Menezes Airport METAR SBJU 190700Z 00000KT CAVOK 21/15 Q1019 3h57m
SBJV BLN0 Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport METAR SBJV 191000Z 00000KT 0100 R33///// FG OVC001 16/16 Q1017 57m6s
SBKG BLN0 Presidente Joao Suassuna Airport METAR SBKG 190900Z 15006KT 9999 SCT014 18/17 Q1018 1h56m
SBKP BLN0 Viracopos International Airport METAR SBKP 191000Z 09011KT 6000 NSC 15/11 Q1020 56m55s
SBLE BLN0 Chapada Diamantina Airport METAR SBLE 182100Z 21002KT 9999 SCT025 22/17 Q1020 13h56m
SBLO BLN0 Governador Jose Richa Airport METAR SBLO 191000Z 00000KT CAVOK 16/12 Q1019 56m44s
SBLP BLN0 Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport METAR SBLP 181900Z /////KT 9999 FEW020 33/10 Q1016 15h56m
SBLS BLN0 Lagoa Santa Airport METAR SBLS 191000Z 15007KT CAVOK 13/12 Q1023 56m33s
SBMA BLN0 Maraba Airport METAR SBMA 191000Z 21002KT CAVOK 21/20 Q1012 56m23s
SBMD BLN0 Monte Dourado Airport METAR SBMD 181900Z 16002KT 9999 SCT020 BKN100 29/24 Q1012 15h55m
SBME BLN0 Macae Airport METAR SBME 190900Z 01003KT CAVOK 18/17 Q1018 1h56m
SBMG BLN0 Regional de Maringa - Silvio Nane Junior Airport METAR SBMG 191000Z 01010KT CAVOK 20/12 Q1016 56m6s
SBMK BLN0 Mario Ribeiro Airport METAR SBMK 190800Z 00000KT 9999 FEW025 14/11 Q1021 2h56m
SBML BLN0 Marilia Airport METAR SBML 181800Z 04010KT CAVOK 29/14 Q1019 16h54m
SBMN BLN0 Ponta Pelada Airport METAR SBMN 191000Z 04007KT 9999 SCT015 BKN070 26/21 Q1012 55m55s
SBMO BLN0 Zumbi dos Palmares Airport METAR SBMO 191000Z 28002KT 9999 FEW020 20/20 Q1017 55m45s
SBMQ BLN0 Alberto Alcolumbre Airport METAR SBMQ 191000Z 27002KT 9999 SCT015 BKN080 25/25 Q1012 55m35s
SBMS BLN0 Dix-Sept Rosado Airport METAR SBMS 182000Z 19008KT 9999 BKN025 31/19 Q1012 14h52m
SBMT BLN0 Campo de Marte Airport METAR SBMT 191000Z 00000KT 7000 NSC 12/11 Q1021 55m24s
SBMY BLN0 Manicore Airport METAR SBMY 182100Z 06004KT 9999 FEW024 31/24 Q1011 13h54m
SBNF BLN0 Ministro Victor Konder International Airport METAR SBNF 191000Z 26007KT 1000 BR OVC002 17/17 Q1016 55m14s
SBNM BLN0 Santo Angelo Airport METAR SBNM 182000Z 05010KT CAVOK 26/17 Q1013 14h52m
SBNT BLN0 Augusto Severo Airport METAR SBNT 191000Z 19008KT 9999 FEW030 SCT070 23/19 Q1015 55m
SBOI BLN0 Oiapoque Airport METAR SBOI 182000Z 10004KT 9999 SCT017 FEW025TCU 27/23 Q1012 14h52m
SBPA BLN0 Salgado Filho Airport METAR SBPA 191000Z 09003KT 2000 0800E R29/0600 R11/P2000 BCFG BR FEW004 15/15 Q1014 54m48s
SBPB BLN0 Prefeito Doutor Joao Silva Filho Airport METAR SBPB 191015Z 10008KT 9999 FEW020 25/24 Q1012 54m38s
SBPC BLN0 Pocos de Caldas Airport METAR SBPC 181900Z 04005KT 9999 FEW027 25/13 Q1024 15h53m
SBPF BLN0 Lauro Kurtz Airport METAR SBPF 182100Z 05008KT CAVOK 24/18 Q1017 13h54m
SBPJ BLN0 Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues Airport METAR SBPJ 190200Z 14002KT CAVOK 23/15 Q1015 8h54m
SBPK BLN0 Pelotas Airport METAR SBPK 191015Z 06005KT 9000 NSC 14/14 Q1012 54m27s
SBPL BLN0 Senador Nilo Coelho Airport METAR SBPL 191000Z 16008KT 9999 SCT025 BKN070 22/16 Q1018 54m17s
SBPP BLN0 Ponta Pora Airport METAR SBPP 182200Z 36002KT CAVOK 25/13 Q1015 12h53m
SBPR BLN0 Carlos Prates Airport METAR SBPR 191000Z 11010KT 9999 FEW030 16/13 Q1024 54m6s
SBPS BLN0 Porto Seguro Airport METAR SBPS 191000Z 26006KT 9999 FEW015 BKN020 19/18 Q1020 53m55s
SBPV BLN0 Governador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira Airport METAR SBPV 191000Z 00000KT CAVOK 21/19 Q1011 53m44s
SBQV BLN0 Vitoria da Conquista Airport METAR SBQV 191000Z 13008KT 9999 BKN007 16/15 Q1023 53m34s
SBRB BLN0 Placido de Castro Airport METAR SBRB 191000Z 00000KT CAVOK 22/20 Q1012 53m23s
SBRF BLN0 Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre International Airport METAR SBRF 191000Z 14012KT 9999 SCT025 25/19 Q1016 53m12s
SBRJ BLN0 Santos Dumont Airport METAR SBRJ 191000Z 35005KT CAVOK 21/19 Q1018 53m6s
SBRP BLN0 Leite Lopes Airport METAR SBRP 191000Z 11004KT CAVOK 15/11 Q1020 52m56s
SBSC BLN0 Santa Cruz Airport METAR SBSC 191000Z 01006KT CAVOK 21/16 Q1018 52m45s
SBSJ BLN0 Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf Airport METAR SBSJ 191000Z 24001KT 7000 NSC 11/10 Q1021 52m35s
SBSL BLN0 Marechal Cunha Machado International Airport METAR SBSL 191000Z 08004KT CAVOK 25/24 Q1012 52m24s
SBSM BLN0 Santa Maria Airport METAR SBSM 191000Z 10009KT CAVOK 21/13 Q1011 52m14s
SBSN BLN0 Maestro Wilson Fonseca Airport METAR SBSN 191000Z 00000KT 9999 FEW017 BKN100 22/22 Q1012 52m7s
SBSP BLN0 Congonhas Airport METAR SBSP 191000Z 04003KT CAVOK 16/11 Q1021 51m57s
SBSR BLN0 Sao Jose do Rio Preto Airport METAR SBSR 191000Z 08005KT CAVOK 19/12 Q1019 51m46s
SBST BLN0 Base Aerea de Santos Airport METAR SBST 191000Z VRB02KT 1000 MIFG BR NSC 15/15 Q1017 51m36s
SBSV BLN0 Deputado Luiz Eduardo Magalhaes International Airport METAR SBSV 191000Z 13009KT 9999 SCT023 SCT070 26/20 Q1018 51m26s
SBTA BLN0 Base de Aviacao de Taubate Airport METAR SBTA 191000Z VRB01KT 8000 NSC 10/07 Q1020 51m14s
SBTC BLN0 Hotel Transamerica Airport METAR SBTC 181800Z 16009KT 9999 FEW020 SCT070 27/22 Q1020 16h49m
SBTE BLN0 Senador Petronio Portela Airport METAR SBTE 191000Z 18002KT CAVOK 24/21 Q1013 51m7s
SBTF BLN0 Tefe Airport METAR SBTF 182245Z 26004KT 9999 SCT017 26/25 Q1011 11h49m
SBTK BLN0 Tarauaca Airport METAR SBTK 182100Z 11002KT 9999 FEW030 SCT100 32/23 Q1011 13h49m
SBTT BLN0 Tabatinga Airport METAR SBTT 182300Z 00000KT CAVOK 28/28 Q1011 11h49m
SBTU BLN0 Tucurui Airport METAR SBTU 191000Z /////KT CAVOK ///// Q1014 50m56s
SBUA BLN0 Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira Airport METAR SBUA 182000Z 02004KT 9999 SCT020 FEW025TCU 30/25 Q1010 14h46m
SBUF BLN0 Paulo Afonso Airport METAR SBUF 181200Z 17008KT 3500 -RA BR BKN007 BKN013 22/19 Q1021 22h49m
SBUG BLN0 Rubem Berta Airport METAR SBUG 191000Z 04008KT CAVOK 18/15 Q1008 50m45s
SBUL BLN0 Ten. Cel. Aviador Cesar Bombonato Airport METAR SBUL 190500Z 08007KT CAVOK 17/11 Q1022 5h52m
SBUR BLN0 Mario de Almeida Franco Airport METAR SBUR 191000Z 04007KT CAVOK 16/10 Q1022 50m35s
SBVH BLN0 Vilhena Airport METAR SBVH 182300Z 35005KT CAVOK 24/15 Q1015 11h48m
SBVT BLN0 Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport METAR SBVT 191000Z 35002KT 9999 FEW030 18/18 Q1021 50m24s
SBYS BLN0 Campo Fontenelle Airport METAR SBYS 191000Z 21003KT CAVOK 09/09 Q1021 50m6s
WA1GOV-10 BLN0 APRS to Twitter Gateway-Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 57s
WA1GOV-10 BLN1 Your call and message will appear as a tweet from @wa1gov 57s
WA1GOV-10 BLN2 Include your Twitter ID or IDs to receive notifications 57s
WA1GOV-10 BLN3 Get the next SATELLITE pass prediction for your QTH! 57s
WA1GOV-10 BLN4 Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 with a single 57s
WA1GOV-10 BLN5 uppercase entry of ISS, AO-85, AO-91, AO-92 or SO-50 57s
WXBOT BLN0 WxBot 1.25 US weather forecast via APRS message. 1h50m
WXBOT BLN1 Send a message to WXBOT for a weather forecast at your location. 1h50m
WXBOT BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 1h50m
WXSVR-AU BLN0 WxSvr 1.00 AU weather forecast via APRS message. 1h25m
WXSVR-AU BLN1 Send a message to WXSVR-AU for a weather forecast at your location. 1h25m
WXSVR-AU BLN2 see http://wxsvr.aprs.net.au for more info 1h25m
WXYO BLN0 WxBot 1.22 RO weather forecast via APRS message. 3h22m
WXYO BLN1 Send a message to WXYO for a weather forecast at your location. 3h22m
WXYO BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 3h22m
Announcements (BLNA - BLNZ)
callsign ID message age
LW1DSE BLNA Estación parcialmente alimentada con energía solar (18 celdas 10Wpk). 11h34m
VK5RHO-1 BLNB Join the Email Group aprs.net.au/mailman/listinfo/ozaprs 49m39s
Other groups
callsign ID message age
EA8CXN-2 BLN Hola a todos 23h30m
F8ARO-AB BLN1FRA CQ Serveur APRS 15h43m
F8ARO-AB BLN2FRA [To] CQSRVR-FR [Text] CQ message 15h43m
F8ARO-AB BLN3FRA Message APRS Email 15h43m
F8ARO-AB BLN4FRA [To] MAIL-FR [Text] email@domaine message 15h43m
F8ARO-AB BLN5FRA Annuaire QRZ.com 15h43m
F8ARO-AB BLN6FRA [To] QUI-FR [Text] f indicatif 15h43m
IK3SVW BLN1-18 SISMA *9 km N Ragalna (CT)* ML=3.5 Prof=6Km 18-07 21:20UTC 13h21m
IK3SVW BLN1MAREA Venezia 19/7 max=60cm@16:50 min=15cm@00:00 max=35cm@04:20 3h58m
IK3SVW BLN2-18 SISMA *10 km NE Ragalna (CT)* ML=3.6 Prof=9Km 18-07 21:20UTC 13h20m
IK3SVW BLN2MAREA Venezia 18/7 max=75cm@15:55 min=15cm@22:15 max=40cm@03:00 23h55m
IK3SVW BLN3MAREA Venezia 18/7 min=15cm@22:15 max=40cm@03:00 min=5cm@09:25 20h50m
LX0APN-2 BLNALUX XLX270 Reflector https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 8m56s
LX0APR-2 BLNDIGI Pse use WIDEx-x & LUXx-x only , TNX 2h53m
LX1CU-13 BLNALUX XLX Reflector goes DMR https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 30m18s
LX6K-10 BLNALUX XLX270 B >< BM TG 27090 , You can reach us . 73 1m55s
NEUTBA BLN1SYDWX Sydney Forcast 20th 18C Becoming windy. Partly cloudy. 4h30m
NEUTBA BLN2SYDTD Tide 0.79M, Vis 25Km, Cloud 00 Okt, Air Qual 88, UV idx 32m7s
ON5AA BLN 73,DE,REGI 5h38m
YM2KDU BLN APRS Sabitte YM2KDU,WIDE2-2 Mobilde WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 3h26m
YM2KY BLN1LOCAL info@sakrad.org 37m9s
About this site
This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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